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Congressman John Lewis accepts WiLL budget letter signed by more than half of women state legislators in Georgia!

At a gathering of supporters, Congressman John Lewis accepted a letter urging Congress to make reductions in wasteful military spending that was signed by more than half of the women state legislators in the Georgia General Assembly. With 32 signatures, the letter was presented by WiLL President Senator Nan Grogan Orrock, Representatives Stephanie Stuckey Benfield and Mary Margaret Oliver, and the Honorable Bettieanne Hart, former legislator and WAND board member.

In a rousing speech, Congressman Lewis declared his intention to advocate for a budget that meets the needs of his constituents, not one that prioritizes “guns, weapons, and wars.” Congressman Lewis vowed to continue working to restore a healthy economy and fund programs that will truly benefit his constituents.

The letter points out that military spending will comprise about 56 percent of the discretionary budget in the coming year, and that deeper cuts to other areas of the discretionary budget will do little to alleviate the federal deficit and cause catastrophic cuts to the social safety net. It also calls attention to the Pentagon’s lack of budgetary discipline and inability to conduct an audit.

“Congressman Lewis has been a leader on fiscal responsibility throughout his time in office,” said Senator Orrock. “He understands that a federal budget that invests in the programs and services that people truly need – healthcare, education, and the environment – is a budget that not only creates much-needed jobs, but helps our nation regain economic security.”

Orrock stated, “we share with Congressman Lewis the view that our nation’s budget is a reflection of our national values and makes a moral statement.  Bloated military spending that comes at the expense of education, job training, senior care, early childhood development, health and higher education is unacceptable. We salute the lifelong stand of Congressman Lewis on behalf of those who have been left out and left behind.  And we share his resolve to bring us together, not broaden the divide between the haves and the have-nots. Common sense budget policy achieves that goal.”

Senator Gloria Butler, WiLL State Director, added, “While it is vitally important to have a strong military presence for this country, we have so many other issues that need our attention, such as: funding for education, jobs for people that have been without work for many months, some for years, and in the state of Georgia, funding to fix our transportation gridlock. I strongly hope Congress will reconsider and reduce its military spending.”

Congressman John Lewis and WiLL President's Associate Adzi Vokhiwa


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