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WAND Statement on Trump Executive Order to Ban Muslims and Certain Nationalities

For Immediate Release
January 25, 2017

WAND Statement on Trump Executive Order to

Ban Muslims and Certain Nationalities

Immigration policy that discriminates based on faith and nationality threatens national security

“For 240 years, the United States’s strength and security has been bolstered by the Constitution, which guarantees certain unalienable freedoms to its citizens. America is strong abroad when it is strong at home. President Trump’s executive order banning Muslim immigration and Middle Eastern nationals from entering the United States will only divide and weaken us,” said Women’s Action for New Directions Executive Director Megan Amundson. “It will undermine American interests abroad by alienating our allies and partners while stoking hatred among our enemies. How can we eliminate extremism if we ourselves institute extremist policies?”

“From North Korea’s nuclear program and Russian aggression to instability in the Middle East, the new Administration faces a complex set of national security challenges,” said Diane Russell, WAND National Security Political Director. “A ban on Muslims and Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees will do nothing to address these issue. Rather, it will give credence to fanatical recruiters, undermine U.S. national security, and weaken our efforts to fight violent extremism abroad. We are stronger as a nation when we stand grounded in the principles enshrined in our Constitution, of which freedom of expression -- including religious expression — is the first.”



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