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Women’s Action for New Directions Calls on Trump Administration to Uphold New START

Women’s Action for New Directions Calls on Trump Administration to Uphold New START

For Immediate Release

February 9, 2017

A breaking Reuters article states that President Trump denounced the 2010 U.S.-Russia arms control agreement, known as the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START). The Treaty places modest limits on both countries’ deployed nuclear arsenals and establishes verification and transparency measures which help to maintain stability between the two nations.

WAND Executive Director, Megan Amundson, released the following statement in reaction to the Reuters article:

“If the reports are true and President Trump is considering ways to exit the New START Treaty, he is taking our country down a very dangerous road. The Treaty was strongly supported by the military, including seven commanders of U.S. nuclear forces from President Reagan to George W. Bush, who wrote in 2010 that the Treaty, ‘will enhance American national security’ in a number of ways.

“To put it in terms President Trump understands, the agreement is a ‘tremendous deal’ for the United States because it places limits on Russia’s nuclear forces and provides unique access to Russian nuclear forces that can not be obtained through intelligence capabilities. Meanwhile, the United States maintains a strong -- some would even say excessive -- deterrent capability. On the other hand, without the agreement, Russia will be able to grow its nuclear arsenal with no limits. Our military and diplomats will lose unique insight about Russian nuclear capabilities. This would be a ‘bad deal’ for U.S. national security.

“President Trump should not only reconsider the value he places on the 2010 agreement, but also signal his intent to continue with arms control agreements with Russia. The United States only stands to gain security from the stability, transparency, and intelligence these agreements provide.


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