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War in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan, begun October 7, 2001, is already this nation’s longest war and it is escalating. Despite promises of a withdrawal in July 2011, the end does not now seem to be in sight. The United States has spent $445 billion on war in Afghanistan and over $100 billion this year alone.* Meanwhile, conditions in Afghanistan are getting worse-- particularly for women.

WAND calls for the forthcoming reduction in U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan to be significant and sizeable, and executed in an orderly fashion. A drawdown in foreign troops must also be tied to a social compact that provides for long-term, sustainable investment in aid that supports and empowers Afghan women. Please see WAND's Official Position on U.S. Involvement in Afghanistan for more information. To learn how you can take part in the debate on the war in Afghanistan, visit our WAND Action Center via the button on the left.

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July 11, 2011

July 8, 2011 Today the House completed consideration of the Fiscal Year 2012 Defense Appropriations Act, passing it by a vote of 336 to 87. The overall bill provides about $530 billion for the Department of Defense base budget- a $17 billion increase over this year. This does not include war spending or spending on [...]

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Edwards Co-Chair of Afghan Women’s Task Force

June 15th marked the official start of the Afghan Women’s Task Force, and we are excited that this new bipartisan task force is co-chaired by WAND/WiLL Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD)! As noted in our official statement on the war in Afghanistan, WAND advocates helping Afghan civilians, especially women and girls, to obtain safety, basic necessities, [...]

WAND/WiLL Women Respond to Pres. Obama’s Drawdown Plans

6/27/11- We have compiled a growing list of our WAND/WiLL women’s responses to President Obama’s June 22 speech on the plan to draw-down troops in Afghanistan. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) – “I am glad this war is ending, but it’s ending at far too slow a pace. We need a swifter turnover of responsibility to the nearly 300,000 [...]

WAND Response to President Obama’s Drawdown Plan

July 23, 2011 President Obama had little chance of satisfying all constituencies with last night’s speech to the nation about drawing down our presence in Afghanistan. WAND is not satisfied that the war still rages on –but we are heartened by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s remarks today before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: ‘In [...]

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