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WAND and the UN

WAND as an NGO at the UN

Since 1994, WAND has been an officially recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) at the United Nations.

Over the years, different women have served as the official representative of WAND at various meetings and conferences. Sayre Sheldon regularly files reports about her experiences representing WAND. We hope you enjoy her reports!

WAND Representative at the UN

Sayre Sheldon, WAND president emerita

A founding member of WAND and President Emerita of the National WAND Board, Sayre has been a long time political and social activist. She is a college professor of literature and an author of several plays and articles about women's issues and peace issues.

She edited the anthology Her War Story: 20th Century Women Write About War, published in 1999 by Southern Illinois University Press. She represents WAND as an NGO at the United Nations.

UN Reports from WAND

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The NPT Review Conference

June 2010 | Click here to read full report.
by Sayre Sheldon, WAND representative on the NGO Working Group for Women, Peace and Security

By this time you will know that the month-long review conference of the Non-Proliferation Treaty ended successfully Friday afternoon when all 189 nations present reaffirmed their commitment to the treaty. Five years ago the conference ended without consensus and this time around there was concern up to the last hours that Iran would not agree to sign.

Taking Action Against Violation of Women's Rights

May 2009 | Click here to read full report.
by Sayre Sheldon, WAND representative on the NGO Working Group for Women, Peace and Security

Defenders of the rights of women are faced with grave crises around the world. Shiite women in Afghanistan have been subjected to a new law, signed by President Karzai, giving husbands unlimited sexual rights and restricting women’s right to leave home without their husband’s permission. In the Pakistan province of Swat, a young woman was brutally flogged because she was charged with refusing to marry a Taliban fighter. The flogging was filmed on a cell phone and shown around the world. Young Afghan women bravely demonstrated against the new law defying large crowds of angry men.

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