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Why This Olympic Hockey Game Is About Way More Than Taking Home the Gold(Comments Off on Why This Olympic Hockey Game Is About Way More Than Taking Home the Gold)

February 9, 2018

I’m not a particularly good athlete, but I love sports. When I say sports taught me everything I know about being a woman, I’m not kidding. My desire to recreate Brandi Chastain’s infamous celebration of Team USA’s 1999 World Cup Championship led to the purchase of my first bra. Because of the WNBA, I saw […]

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WAND’s #SOTU2018

We will be with you the whole way! #SOTU2018 #StateOfTheUnion #StateOfTheUniom #WANDTranslates pic.twitter.com/2xCCubXLkJ — Women’s Action (@WomensAction) January 30, 2018 #SOTU #NoRedButton #DisarmthePatriarchy pic.twitter.com/E75wbdWTC0 — Women’s Action (@WomensAction) January 31, 2018 We need to do everything possible now to prevent Congress from re-imposing sanctions, or taking any other action that would undermine the Iran nuclear […]

WAND’s #DisarmThePatriarchy Twitter Chat

Pre-Q&A #DisarmthePatriarchy | Want to know more about just how armed the patriarchy is and how to actually go about disarming it? We’ll tell you more TODAY at 3pm ET/Noon PT with the help of women experts from @WinWithoutWar @FCNL @ArmsControlNow @globalzero @BeyondtheBomb & others pic.twitter.com/IPamoYBsXK — Women’s Action (@WomensAction) January 22, 2018 Who run […]

WAND Field Director Featured in Ms. Magazine Blog

  Check out this article by WAND Field Director Kristina Romines that was featured in Ms. Magazine’s blog! In When Sexism is the Difference Between War and Peace, Kristina uses the example of the 21:1 male-to-female ratio at the recent Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing as an example of the shocking under-representation of women in critical national […]

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