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Delegate Pamela Queen introduced HJ 12 in 2018 with Delegates Angela C. Gibson and Ana Sol Gutierrez. The resolution did not make it out of the House Rules and Executive Nominations process.  Check back for more information soon!

Legislator Spotlight

Representative Carol Ammons

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After Delegate Queen received her Master's Degree in both Technical Management and Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University she worked at Johns Hopkins developing the Poseidon and Trident missiles. "I know first hand what our nuclear weapons can do," she told Citylab this past spring. That’s why now, she is working to keep missiles on the ground.

Delegate Queen was a featured speaker at Prevent Nuclear War Maryland’s organizing conference in 2018 where activists across Maryland came together to discuss local, state, and federal action to stop nuclear war.

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No one person should be able to start a nuclear war

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