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Thank you to all the women who joined us in Washington, DC on December 4-5 for our robust communications training! With 30 women legislators from 12 states, with almost half being newly elected legislators, the training was a huge success. Legislators left with sharpened interpersonal communications skills, a new knowledge of how the federal budget impacts their state's bottom line, and how to share values in an effective and value-oriented way both online and in-person.

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Guns vs. Butter: What the Federal Budget Means to Constituents

Overview on how the federal budget, including explosive military spending, is impacting your state's ability to meet unmet human and environmental needs. You will receive an individual report breaking down your state's average "tax receipt." You might be surprised to find that the average state pays more to just Lockheed Martin than to School Lunch programs, NASA, and the EPA combined. You'll leave this session with a better understanding of federal budget priorities and how they impact your bottom line. 

Strategic Communications

Persuasion is about more than facts and figures; instead, shared values and stories are the key to reaching persuadable audiences in a hyperpolarized environment. This training uses audience engagement, real-world examples, and psychological studies to flesh out a comprehensive strategy of how to connect with the audience. Participants will walk away with a toolbox of strategic communications to build trust and communicate effectively with diverse groups in both the political and corporate arenas.

Lobbying your Member of Congress as a State Legislator

As an elected official, you have an opportunity to represent your constituents interests in meetings with your Members of Congress. Learn from a former Rep. Jan Schakowsky staffer and current policy director of WAND how to best leverage your position with Members of Congress to make a difference in your community.

Twitter for Elected Officials

The ever-expanding social media landscape can be overwhelming, but it offers tremendous opportunity to engage with people the world over and promote all manner of content and messaging. This session explores the value of Twitter and dives deep on how users can leverage this platform most effectively. The session ends with a practical breakout session where participants can receive individual assistance and practice retweeting, responding to tweets, and using hashtags with fellow participants. 

Curating Your Brand

How do your constituents and voters recognize you? Do you have an up-to-date website, a newsletter, and matching social media accounts? Learn from WAND’s communications manager how to launch or sharpen your brand to best convey your platform and values.

Press Conferences 

A culmination of the training’s sessions—incorporating storytelling, interpersonal communications, branding, and social media to create a successful press conference.

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