We know that a comprehensive national security posture emphasizing diplomacy, reducing the threat of nuclear weapons, and reining in military spending is the most effective way to protect the American people. We also know that women are key to solving our nation's toughest challenges. Latinas are woefully underrepresented in national security—but we are working to change that. En Voz Alta pairs Latina mentors and allies from the peace and security community with early-career professionals and students attending undergraduate and graduate school in the U.S. to help strengthen the pipeline of candidates entering the field.

We are thrilled to welcome our 2021 cohort!


Liudmila Batista

U.S. Department of Justice

Trial Attorney, Office of International Affairs (Criminal Div.)

Liudmila Batista.jfif.jpg

Natalia Cote Muñoz

U.S. Department of State

Policy Planning Staff

Natalia Cote Muñoz.jfif.jpg

Missy Reif

National Democratic Institute

Program Officer

Missy Reif.jfif.jpg

Juliana Urrego

National Democratic Institute

Program Assistant

John Pope

ReThink Media

Senior Communications Associate

John Pope.jfif.jpg

Mariana Sánchez Ramírez

(Former) The Wilson Center

Program Coordinator/ Communications Analyst

Mariana Sánchez Ramírez.jfif.jpg

Laura Rivas


Reconnecting Asia

Program Researcher

Laura Rivas.jpeg

DC Hub at N Square Collaborative


Sara Z. Kutchesfahani.jfif.jpg

Paloma Gonzales

U.S. Department of State

Foreign Affairs Officer

Nury Gambarrotti

U.S. Senate

 Committee on Foreign Relations Legislative & Policy Analyst

Nury V. Gambarrotti.jfif.jpg

Adina Pintilie

Ridgeway Information (UK)


Adina Pintilie.jfif.jpg

Sofia Lalinde

The Dialogue

Program Associate, Special

Projects & External Relations

Eugenia Lostri


Research Associate, Strategic Technologies Program

Cecili Thompson Williams

Beyond the Bomb

Executive Director

Cecili Thompson Williams.png

Isabel Romero

U.S. Department of State

Security Program Manager


Monitoring And Evaluation Consultant, National Security

Maria Selde.jpg

Francisco Bencosme

U.S. Department of State

Senior Advisor to the Acting Assistant Secretary at the East Asian and Pacific Affairs Bureau

Francisco Bencosme.jfif.jpg

Juliana Urrego

National Democratic Institute

Program Assistant


Angie F. Chermanz Monroy .jpg

Angie Chermanz Monroy

Georgetown University

Graduate Student

Ariqa Herrera.jpg

Ariqa Herrera

Johns Hopkins, SAIS

Graduate Student

Ashley Justynski.jpeg

Ashley Justynski

Texas A&M, Bush School

Graduate Student

Christina Manzanares

George Washington University

Recent Graduate School Graduate

Eva Colon .jpeg

Eva Colon

Syracuse University

Graduate Student

Fatima Rahman.png

Fatima Rahman

Case Western Reserve University

Undergraduate Student

Genesis Romero.jpg

Genesis Romero

George Washington University

Graduate Student

Isabel Martinez .jpg

Isabel Martinez

Catholic University of America

Recent Graduate

Julianna Morales.jpg

George Washington University


Maddy Molina.JPG.jpg

Madeline Molina

Washington University in St. Louis


Maria Isabel Leon Gomez.png

Maria Isabel L. G. Sonet

University of Notre Dame

Recent Graduate School Graduate

Michel Ruiz Fuentes.PNG.png

Michel Ruiz-Fuentes

Smith College


Nicole Duque.jpg

Nicole Duque

George Washington University


Perla Echeverria.jpg

Perla Echeverria

San Diego State University


Ruth Diaz.jpeg

Ruth Diaz

Rice University

Graduate Student

Sabine Truyol.jpg

Sabine Truyol

Texas A&M, Bush School

Graduate Student

Samantha Aruiza.jpg

Samantha Aruiza

U.C. Santa Barbara


Sol Halle.jpg

Sol Halle

University of Arkansas


Sophia Fernandez.jpg

Sophia Fernandez

San Francisco State University


Valerrie Craig.JPG.jpg

Valerrie Craig

San Francisco State University


Valery Valdez.jpg

Valery Valdez Pinto

American University

Graduate Student

Elena Johnson Lafferty .JPG

Elena Johnson Lafferty

University of Oregon

Recent Graduate


En Voz Alta partners are committed to building a world where peace and security reign. They know that in order to make that a reality, we must include all voices at the table. 

Thank you!

The Janelia Foundation 

Pentagon Budget Campaign

For more information or to become a partner, email Andrea Pimentel, apimentel@wand.org.


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