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Campaign Status

In February of 2019 Senator Nan Grogan Orrock introduced SR-243: "A resolution urging the United States Congress to impose limits on the President's First Use nuclear strike capabilities; and for other purposes." The resolution was introduced with five co-sponsors and has a companion bill in the House filed by Representative Becky Evans. We will be looking for your help to make sure the resolutions are sent to committee and voted favorably to the floor!


In 2018, Senator Nan Grogan Orrock introduced SR 897. The companion resolution in the House was introduced by Representative Doreen Carter, HR1538. 

Legislator Spotlight

Sen. Nan Grogan Orrock


Senator Orrock was the former president of the Women Legislators’ Lobby program. A veteran of the civil rights and women’s movements, Nan served ten terms in the Georgia House of Representatives and is serving her fourth term in the Georgia Senate.

Representative Becky Evans


Rep. Becky Evans is newly elected to the Georgia House and is not afraid to take on the most challenging issues facing her state. An active member of Georgia WAND, Rep. Evans knows the harm facing people in Georgia due to the Savannah River Site nuclear weapons complex that has caused harm to the people and environment living downwind and downstream from the SRS.

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State Legislators united against nuclear war

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