Massachusetts Meet & Greet

May 1, 2019 at the Massachusetts State House

This May the Women Legislators' Lobby held a Meet & Greet for women state legislators and staffers in the State House hosted by WiLL State Directors Rep. Kay Khan and Rep. Natalie Higgins. ​Massachusetts is a special place for WAND and WiLL as WAND was started in Cambridge, MA in 1982 and WiLL was started by Massachusetts State Representative Barbara Hildt in 1991. 

Later that day a happy hour for women legislative staffers was held at 2B Lounge to hear more about the needs of staff and how WiLL can construct a helpful programming for our new WiLL Staffer membership. 

If you're a state legislator interested in hosting us at your state capitol, reach out to WiLL Director Jennifer Blemur at


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