The Women Legislators' Lobby (WiLL) equips women state legislators with skills to maximize their success in their states and influence the federal government, creating a country where people are valued over profits, weapons, and wars. WiLL offers four different annual membership rates: $80 for incumbent state legislators, $65 for newly-electeds, $45 for retired/former (Trailblazers) legislators, and $25 for legislative staff (women only). 

WiLL's Trailblazers are a powerful group of former state legislators whose knowledge of their state legislatures and WiLL's issues make them perfectly placed to mentor new members, educate their communities on WiLL's issues, and brief women in their community on the reality of running for the state legislature. 

WiLL membership for legislative staffers recently launched in an effort to bolster our overall commitment to legislative excellence and women's leadership. We understand how crucial staff is to a legislator's overall success and also how important it is to fosters women's professional development every step of their career. Our new membership option gives women the ability to network with women state legislators and staffers from across the country as well as build skills like op-ed writing and press conference planning. 


Lobbying and Legislation

  • Individual meetings with key members of Congress and staff

  • Actions and email alerts highlighting critical domestic and international issues

  • Model legislation on the latest policy concerns from across the country  

Education and Tools

  • Briefings and webinars on state and national topics

  • Media tools and strategies to communicate with constituents, Congress, and the current administration 

  • Training workshops to enhance vital skills: media, communications, lobbying, and leadership

  • A national biennial conference in D.C., featuring prominent officials and renowned professionals

  • Sample op-eds and press releases for you to gain traction in your community 

Professional Development

  • Access to WiLL Membership portal 

  • Links between supportive women activists and leaders in your state and in the capital

  • WiLL staff work hard to promote their members, whether publicizing their work, connecting them with D.C. contacts, or giving them a platform to communicate their concerns, initiatives, and policies