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Campaign Status

In 2019, Rep. Rena Moran introduced HF 260 and Senator Patricia Torres Ray introduced SF344. Both resolutions are in committee and we'll be looking to you soon to put pressure on the chairs of the House and Senate Committees to hold hearings for these resolutions! 

In 2018, Senator Sandy Pappas introduced SF 2901 with Senators Dibble and Marty. The Resolution was referred to Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy, but wasn't sent out of committee before the deadline. 

Legislator Spotlight

Representative Rena Moran


Representative Rena Moran was elected in 2010 as the first African-American elected to the MN House from St. Paul. She is a strong advocate of education, housing, healthcare and currently chairs the Health and Human Services Policy Committee. She is also a WiLL State Director. 

She has a BA in Early Childhood Education and more than 15 years experience working with children. Rep. Moran works with a nonprofit organization to prevent child abuse through education and support services. Rep. Moran was a Wellstone Organizing Fellow during the 2008 election, and is a proud graduate of the Organizing Apprenticeship Project, The Public Policy Project, and the Neighborhood Leadership Program. 

Senator Patricia Torres Ray

torres ray.jpg

Senator Patricia Torres Ray is in her 4th term in the Minnesota Senate and is the Ranking Minority Member in the Local Government Committee. When elected in 2006 she was the first Latina to ever serve in the Senate. Her main policy issue areas are: Education, health and human services, environment, and economic development. 

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