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Campaign Status

In February 2019 Senator Dembrow, Representative Sanchez, and Representative Keny-Guyer introduced Senate Joint Memorial 5 urging Congress to lead global effort to reduce threat of nuclear war.

The resolution was introduced with 15 co-sponsors: Senator Frederick, Golden, Manning Jr, Monnes Anderson, Steiner Hayward, Representative Evans, Gomberg, Helm, Lively, Marsh, McLain, Nosse, Power, Reardon, Williams.


SJM-5 was voted on the House floor on Monday, June 24 and passed! This makes Oregon the third state this year to enact a resolution calling on Congress to take steps to actively prevent a nuclear war. This work could not have been done without the hard word and dedication of activists in Oregon and the courage of legislators willing to step up on this issue. Kudos, Oregon!

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