Resist Trump’s Wars | Resistance Recess: April 10 to April 21, 2017

The House and Senate are now on recess through April 21. This is the time when members of Congress make appearances across the state and meet with constituents. In February, hundreds of thousands of people showed up across the country to put pressure on their members of Congress to resist the dangerous Trump agenda. Our friends at dubbed the February action "Resistance Recess." And it was a huge success!

We need you to show up again. During this recess, we hope that you put Resistance to War at the top of your list (check out 3 questions below). On the campaign trail and as a private citizen, Trump was strongly opposed to strikes in Syria. Now, as President, with his approval ratings on the line, he has embraced them. The two tweets below illustrate Trump’s change of heart.

In previous months, his military strikes in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen have killed hundreds of civilians at the same time he has banned the most vulnerable victims of war from accessing safe haven in the United States.

Why women?

We know that women are already leading the resistan