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WAND Condemns US Attacks on Syria

Trump Recklessly Puts US Troops in Harm’s Way, Congress Must Vote on Authorization

Women’s Action Executive Director Megan Amundson made the following statement in response to U.S. missile strikes against the Syrian government:

"Late last night, President Trump launched Tomahawk missiles against the Syrian regime without Congressional authorization and without any long-term strategic plan for reducing the violence or humanitarian crisis. We condemn these missile strikes and call on President Trump to immediately increase humanitarian aid and open up visas to Syrian refugees fleeing the terror, violence and chemical attacks.

"By launching these attacks without Congressional approval, Trump violated the the U.S. Constitution. Congress must delay its upcoming recess to debate and decide whether to declare war on Syria.

"Moreover, Trump has been so remarkably inconsistent in his positions on the Syrian crisis that we strongly question his judgment as Commander in Chief. Just a few days ago, Trump stated that Assad’s rule over Syria was a 'political reality.' In 2013 following Assad’s larger chemical weapons attack against his own people, Trump tweeted, 'What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict? Obama needs Congressional approval.'

"President Trump must clarify how these unauthorized missile strikes protect core United States national interests and how he plans to protect our troops in the region who could become targets of Assad and his allies. He must provide the public assurance that these strikes will not commit the United States to a new war."

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