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WAND Hails Bannon Removal from the National Security Council

NSC Watch Project Focuses on NSC Scandals and Bannon. In response to the Washington Post article that broke today announcing that Steve Bannon has been removed from the National Security Council, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Director of National Intelligence have been added back to the Principals Committee, Women’s Action for New Directions releases the following response from Megan Amundson, Executive Director.

“Recently, Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND) launched to hold the National Security Council and the Trump administration accountable after President Trump appointed Steve Bannon to it. As an organization that advocates for security and peace with justice, WAND strongly believes that neither security nor peace are attainable while a white nationalist holds decision-making power on the National Security Council.

“Today’s removal of Steve Bannon from the National Security Council is a major victory for the NSCwatch project and for common sense national security policy.

“However, let’s be clear that if Stephen Bannon’s white nationalistic views have no place on the National Security Council, they also have no place in the White House. His worldview jeopardized our national security while on the National Security Council and continues to have very serious consequences for American interests as long as he remains part of the Trump administration.

“Further, White House staff who share Bannon’s nativist perspective remain on the National Security Council. Their views will continue to politicize the National Security Council in ways that put American safety and security at risk. They, too, have to go.”


Additional Information on the NSC Watch Campaign, a project of Women’s Action for New Directions:

  • is a detailed, informative web site designed to explain the NSC, the key people involved, as well as a repository of the conflicts and the scandalous breaking news.

  • WAND collaborated with organizations across the country on a successful, viral petition calling for his removal.

  • NSCWatch called out the fiasco at Mar-a-Lago when Trump’s team appeared to have sensitive national security discussions about a North Korea missile launch - in an open, unsecured dining room where Mar-a-Lago guests were dining. One guest photographed the entire affair on his phone and posted it on Facebook.

  • NSCWatch exposed the undemocratic nuclear weapons launch system that is outside of regular national security decision processes.

About NSC Watch

After news broke about Steve Bannon’s unprecedented role on the National Security Council, WAND launched to monitor his influence. The focus of the project continues to expand as more details about the Trump administration’s ties to Russia and its influence over the election surface. The website is designed to keep the public informed about troubling developments at the NSC and what they can do to express their concerns and hold their elected officials accountable. Twitter @NSC_Watch.

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