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What you need to know about President Trump’s Budget

On March 16, President Trump sent a preliminary budget blueprint to Congress – also known as a “skinny” budget -- that would radically change the way the United States operates. His chief strategist and an architect of the budget, ethno-nationalist Steve Bannon, has called for “deconstructing the administrative state,” highfalutin language for dismantling government programs that provide social safety nets for working Americans and ensure that our diplomats not only have security at their posts overseas, but also have what they need to do business around the world.

A full budget proposal, complete with budget tables, is expected to be sent to Congress later this spring or early summer. It is widely accepted that Congress will not pass the Trump budget as it stands now. Even members of the Republican Party, like South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, have called it “dead on arrival.” Nevertheless, it’s important to understand Trump’s budget and the damage that it would do to America as we know it. Moreover, Congress needs to hear from Americans that they don’t want radical changes to the overall budget, nor the programs that fall within it.

Click here for our fact sheet on how to make sense of the Trump budget blueprint: WAND/WiLL FACT SHEET: Trump Budget Request

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