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Diplomacy over violence: Halt proposed $735 million arms sale to Israel

The United States has been complicit in the unequal and violent treatment of Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli state for too long. This complicity is most sharply seen in military cooperation and arms sales to the Israeli government.

As conflict escalates, including at both Muslim and Christian holy sites, it is clear that the U.S., as Israel's most powerful ally, must take immediate and clear action to halt the violence, protect Palestinian lives, and ensure accountability for identity-based violence.

We note in particular the plight of Palestinian women, who are disproportionally affected by Israeli occupation, facing violence and discrimination by both Palestinian and Israeli governing bodies. As is true worldwide, when crisis hits, women and girls are the first to suffer.

We welcome Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez' legislation to halt the proposed sale of $735 million in U.S. weaponry to the Israeli government - weaponry that will likely be used in the rapidly escalating and lopsided conflict between Israel and Palestine.

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