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STATEMENT: WAND condemns Capitol Hill Riot, calls for impeachment

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

January 7th, 2021 Contact: Corey Greer, Communications Director | | 202-459-4769

WASHINGTON- Executive Director Nancy Parrish released the following statement regarding the events that transpired on Capitol Hill on January 7th:

“Yesterday was a dark day for the United States of America. We watched in horror as an angry and armed mob of insurrectionists and white supremacists, fueled by Donald Trump’s delusional lies about a “stolen” election, violently stormed the United States Capitol in a failed attempt to undermine our democracy. Though the clan was eventually removed and, in the wee hours this morning, Congress was able to affirm that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were elected to be the next President and Vice President, we are deeply shaken.

With just under two weeks remaining in his term, an unhinged Donald Trump continues to falsely claim that he won the November election and spread debunked conspiracy theories. Some of his closest and most loyal staff members have resigned stating, “We didn’t sign up for what you saw last night.” Those staffers who remain have expressed concern that Trump is “out of his mind” and focused exclusively on doing whatever it takes to remain in office.

As a women’s organization focused on peace and national security, we at WAND are gravely concerned. Donald Trump, like the Presidents before him, has the sole authority to launch a nuclear weapon and no one - literally no one - has the authority to stop him. Yesterday he showed us his utter disregard for democracy, the American Constitution, and human life.

We cannot allow someone so wholly unfit for office to remain for another day, much less another two weeks. If the Vice President does not invoke the 25th Amendment, Donald Trump must be impeached. Regardless of the mechanism used, we are calling for the immediate removal of President Donald Trump. We cannot allow a delusional, unstable, and aggrieved man access to nuclear weapons.”

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