WAND calls on President Trump and Joe Biden to embrace a principled foreign policy

In a broad coalition letter to President Trump and Joe Biden, WAND urges for major reform to U.S. foreign policy. It is necessary to shift our foreign policy approach from a militarized global response that has distorted our national security spending priorities and toxified our political discourse, to policies that adequately prepare us for growing transnational threats that do not have military solutions.

Rather than engaging in endless wars that have muddled our foreign policy objectives, lost countless lives and displaced people, increased global instability, and violated American civil liberties and human rights, the U.S. approach to international relations needs to shift to one where the U.S. abides by international law and utilizes our military solely for the defense of the people of our country.

Some measures that will begin this process are:

  • Repealing the 2001 AUMF and respecting congressional war powers,

  • Reducing the Pentagon budget,