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WAND urges robust foreign assistance to mitigate conflict in new COVID supplemental funding

In a letter to the Members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, WAND urges robust support to foreign assistance, including assistance focused on preventing and mitigating conflict in a new COVID-19 supplemental funding package. The $2.37 billion appropriated thus far is insufficient to meet the current needs of the COVID-19 pandemic response and is only a sixth of what experts estimate Congress should appropriate. Congress must provide much needed emergency assistance for conflict-affected and fragile states to assist in the effective prevention and mitigation of the pandemic in this funding package. This crisis is not only a public health emergency, but it is also decimating economies and exacerbating conflict dynamics in its wake. And while the current domestic needs remain substantial, the U.S. must continue to be a global leader in foreign assistance to contain a pandemic that crosses boarders.

Read the full letter here.

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