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WAND is Now Operating as a Volunteer-Led Organization

Dear WAND and WiLL Members and Contributors,

On behalf of the boards of Womens Action for New Directions (WAND) and the Women in Legislatures Lobby (WiLL), we want to thank you so much for your continued support of our mission.

Inaccurate information was sent from our official accounts. We are writing today to clarify the reality of the status of our organization. We are very much still alive and operational. Though, due to budgetary constraints, we had to transition to a fully volunteer-led organization for the time being.

WAND has tirelessly worked for over 40 years to support women, peace, and security and help build a federal budget that truly recognizes the importance of unmet human needs. We pledge to continue this work. But, as always, it will be impossible without you. Please be assured that your continued contributions to WAND will go toward the same goals as always. In fact, they may even make a greater impact.

We believe transitioning to a volunteer-led organization will allow us to leverage limited resources to be able to continue to provide quality programming that is unique to our mission to empower women to act politically to redirect excessive military resources toward unmet human and environmental needs. To this end, we plan to engage in a field assessment to determine where we may be the most useful in helping to:

  • gain women seats at the Table of Power;

  • create a more peaceful and fair world;

  • elevate women's voices in conversations about national security policy;

  • promote diplomacy and demilitarize U.S. foreign policy;

  • educate our citizenry about the importance of our federal budget priorities; and

  • educate legislators and Members of Congress on peace and security issues.

With extremely concerning conflicts in Iran, North Korea, and Ukraine abroad and our democracy in peril at home, this is the right time for women state legislators and peace activists to claim center stage.

All organizations go through changes, and we appreciate your support now more than ever. Please reach out to any Board member with your questions or concerns. We welcome the opportunity to discuss ideas for new ways WAND can meet our mission.


WAND Inc. Board of Directors

Hon. Jennifer Seelig (Utah), Chair

Hon. Ana Sol Gutierrez (Maryland), Vice-Chair

Jill Steger Rush (Oklahoma), Secretary/Treasurer

Hon. Pan Godchaux (Florida)

Kelli Hunnicutt (North Carolina)

State Representative Joni Jenkins (Kentucky)

WAND Education Fund Board of Directors

Hon. Charleta B. Tavares (Ohio), Chair

Betsy Rivard (Georgia), Vice-Chair

Caitlin Smith (Indiana), Treasurer

Edie Allen (Massachusetts), Secretary

Brenda Gray (Wisconsin)

Sayre Sheldon (Massachusetts)

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