Power of the Purse

Women Legislators for a Principled Budget

The time is now for a federal budget that reflects

the needs of our communities.


1. No more drastic cuts to domestic programs without first considering cuts to our bloated Pentagon budget.

2. More federal investments in domestic priorities that will help lift people out of poverty, help children learn, and make healthcare accessible. 


3. Redirecting money that would otherwise go to building new nuclear weapons to instead help states prepare for natural disasters. 


4.  Ending the Overseas Contingency Operations fund, which remains one of Washington’s obvious slush funds where resources are squirreled away under the guise of emergency funding for combat.

Budget Process - WAND

The US annual budget process is, let’s be honest, a bit confusing. First, the President submits a budget request—that is what dropped on February 10th, 2020. Then, it is up to congressional authorizations and appropriations committees to decide how and on what it spends America's taxes. Lastly, it goes back to the President to sign into law. We have created a handy graphic to understand how the national budget is formed each year.

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