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Sumaya Malas

Scoville Fellow

Sumaya is a 2019 Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellow working on nuclear policy, international security, and arms control at WAND. She graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in International Relations, Comparative Cultures and Politics, and Arabic with a minor in Muslim Studies. Sumaya was born and raised in East Lansing, Michigan, and her family is originally from Damascus, Syria. She has conducted research on U.S. foreign policy and armed conflict in the Middle East, authoritarian states, international development, and global governance. In addition to working at the United Nations 

Population Fund in New York City and as a field translator in Al-Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, Sumaya has traveled to Sri Lanka, Syria, Lebanon, and Jerusalem to understand conflict-resolution and peace-building efforts. She is interested in analyzing conditions that precede conflict and other aggravators in order to pursue solutions to armed conflict and nuclear proliferation. 

Expertise: conflict prevention/resolution, international security, global governance, MENA regional security and economics, cultural theory, gender and violent conflict, refugee and peace studies, U.S. foreign policy



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