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Background checks are a no-brainer!

Join us in demanding that the Senate pass H.R. 8, a common-sense gun law that would close loopholes in background check policies. 

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Rein in Biden Pentagon budget request

The U.S. spends more on our military than the next 11 countries combined–including China and Russia. Allocating more funds to the Pentagon will not keep us safe.

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Defend attacks on our democracy

We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to vote. States across the country are introducing hundreds of laws to make it harder. Tell your member of Congress that you wont stand for it!

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End the 1033 Program

Military-grade weapons have no place on our streets. Urge your member of Congress to cosponsor this bill!



No First Use

Tell your members of Congress to support a No First Use of nuclear weapons policy


Cut Pentagon funding by 10%

Write your members of congress to vote yes on the NDAA amendment to cut the Pentagon budget by 10%.

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Tell Senators to support the Iran Deal!

Senators voted to uphold Trump's terrorist designation on the IRGC. Join us in telling legislators that this vote is unacceptable and that you support a return to the Iran deal.

Image by Farid Ershad

Release Afghanistan's Federal Reserve Funds

We believe that U.S. policy on Afghanistan should center the humanity and dignity of the Afghan people. Political and financial restrictions should target the Taliban, not the entire population.

Image by Jessica Radanavong

End the Selective Service

Expanding the draft to include women only serves to further entrench our society in militaristic systems of violence. Instead, we urge Members of Congress to end the Selective Service for everyone.

Image by Louis Velazquez

Write your members of Congress

Do you have something to get off your chest? This is an open form where you can contact all your members of Congress at once!

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No $ to Pentagon in stimulus

Write your members of Congress to say no money in the stimulus package should go to the Pentagon.

Image by Yura Khomitskyi

Support accountability for war crimes in Ukraine!

The Senate has the sole power to approve international treaties. Tell the Senate to approve the Rome Statute today, which outlines four core international crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression.

No War with Iran protest 2020

Urge President Biden to restore the JCPOA!

After years of delays, it is time to act. We are speaking up to support a diplomatic outcome that makes our world safer. Join us in calling on President Biden to restore the JCPOA.

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Act now for Afghan Women

Human rights defenders, activists, educators, community organizers, journalists, and politicians in Afghanistan are in danger. The evacuation mission must not end until those women are brought to safety. 

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Stand in solidarity with the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Image by Laurentiu Morariu

Extend New START

Write your members of Congress to extend the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty!

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