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"Women Speaking on Behalf of Humanity"

The Women Legislators' Lobby (WiLL) is a national nonpartisan network of women state legislators who work together to influence federal policy and budget priorities.  WiLL equips women state legislators with skills to maximize their success in their states and influence the federal government, creating a country where people are valued over profits, weapons, and wars.

Reallocate defense spending to fund needs at home

March 03, 2020

Yolo assemblywoman receives ‘Pacesetter Award

October 04, 2019

Mississippi Representative Kathy Sykes: "Tax day: Where does our hard-earned money go?"

April 12, 2019

Oregon Rep. Tawna Sanchez & Oregon Rep. Karin Power: “The president should not have sole nuclear authority”

November 29, 2017

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Power of the Purse

Women Legislators for a Principled Budget


National Conference 2019 

"Women At the Tables of Power"

Rep. Jessup (VT)

WiLL beautifully weaves together the threads of culture, budgets, politics, and communications that composed the US defense spending decisions... All against a background of gender and race. Awesome!

Rep. Cannon (GA)

The WiLL women work tirelessly to promote peace.

Former Rep. Turner (TN)

Really great conference on a most relevant focus. Learned from the presenters and my colleagues. Feel very strongly that our being on the Hill made a difference!


Since 1991, WiLL (the Women Legislators’ Lobby) has grown to include one in every three women legislators in its membership from all 50 states. We equip members with timely materials on the impact of federal policy and the federal budget on state programs. And we provide simple, effective ways to influence federal decision-making to benefit constituents.

Since 1993, WiLL has hosted biennial policy conferences in Washington, DC which bring together state and federal legislators, executive branch members, policy experts, and community leaders.  Our training workshops, policy briefings, and professional development programs help legislators to become more effective at home and to strengthen working relationships with their Congressional colleagues. Throughout the year various training opportunities are offered in state capitals around the country, in Washington, and via teleconferencing.

Legislators in all states are struggling to deal with the shift in responsibilities and programs from the federal to the state level. To excel in meeting constituent needs and balancing state budgets, legislators cannot afford to be in the dark about the federal budgets, policies and programs. We provide hard facts and real answers about what happens in Washington.

Our action updates, sample op-eds, press releases, conferences and issue workshops keep legislators “in the loop” on major national policy debates. We provide invaluable networking opportunities for legislators to exchange ideas and legislation, including the chance to link up with women activists at the state and local level. Through WiLL, legislators in state after state have accessed and educated their Congressional members on crucial issues.

Former WiLL members have become governors and members of the U. S. Congress. In the 113th Congress, 50 women come from the ranks of WiLL/WAND, and we are confident that the future will bring even more women to Capitol Hill.


With each ensuing year, we at WiLL know that we are shaping the future not only of the voices and perspective of state policies and state legislatures, but of federal policy as well, as more women are elected to the US House and Senate.


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