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As the Women Legislators’ Lobby (WiLL) celebrates its 30-year anniversary in 2021, we will hold our biennial conference as a month-long action summit to take on a new definition of national security. Our conference, “Fund Communities, Build Security,” will explore a more human-centered approach to national security; one that considers social and economic issues as key components of security. 

For the past several years, risks to our economy, healthcare system, critical infrastructure, and democracy have tested our idea of national strength, national safety, and national security. This action summit will bring together women state legislators, stakeholders, and community leaders from across the nation to look at four issues on the intersection of federal spending and human security: economic security, healthcare, climate change, and civil rights.  

The summit will feature skills-based trainings with top communications experts as well as panels and plenary sessions, featuring leading national security and federal budget experts. Legislators will leave with actionable next steps, stronger connections with your members of Congress, and a sisterhood with fellow legislators across the country.

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Rikkia Ramsey
WiLL Director


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We need bold public investments in order to build economic power for all communities. The resources for housing, job creation, and universal child care are hidden in plain sight—in the Pentagon budget.



OCTOBER 19 & 21

COVID-19 has made clear the weak spots in our healthcare systems and highlighted just how unequal access to care can be. As we continue to face the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to prepare for the next health emergency. 

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OCTOBER 12 & 14

From military generals to healthcare professionals, everyone is worried about the impacts of climate change to our health, safety, and security. State legislators have an important role to play in building climate resilient communities.

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OCTOBER 26 & 28

Promoting and defending democratic principles abroad will only be as effective as our ability to live by them at home. To successfully promote and defend democracy, the U.S. must address its own challenges, including the erosion of civil liberties and challenges to voting rights across the U.S.


We have made the first three sessions one-pagers' publicly available to everyone: Economic Security as National Security,21st Century Workforce for Human Security, Transition from a War Economy to a Green Economy.   

One pagers summarizing each of the summit's sessions are available on the membership portal for dues-paying members of the Women Legislators' Lobby. Click here to learn more about membership. 


Economic Security as National Security

21st Century Workforce for Human Security

Transition from a War Economy to a Green Economy

The Nuclear Weapons and Climate Change Connection

Readying Communities for Climate Disaster and Displacement

Solutions and Lessons Learned about Climate Legislation on the State Level

Strengthening Health Security at the State Level with Professor Sara Rosenbaum 

Women, Healthcare, and Elections: Public Opinion & Polling with Celinda Lake

Bombs in our Backyard: Securing Compensation for Nuclear Harm

Creating Security for All Communities with Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis

State Action on Reforming the 1033 program

Trainings and Presentations: 

What is Gender Responsive Budgeting?

Follow The Federal Money—How the Federal Budget Does (& Doesn't) Work

How to Have the Best On-camera Interview

What to Expect with a Virtual Lobby Day with WAND Advocacy Director Mac Hamilton

Podcasting 101


Remarks from Congresswoman Barbara Lee on Economic Security 

Remarks from Congresswoman Chrissy Houlahan on Climate Change

Remarks from Congresswoman Lauren Underwood on Health Security

Meeting Labor Needs For Working Women with Gayle Goldin, Senior Advisor at the Department of Labor Women’s Bureau

Civil Rights as Human Security with Georgia State Rep. Park Cannon

Policy working groups:

Creating Economic Policy with Just Economics 

Creating Climate Policy with NCEL 

Creating Healthcare Policy with Planned Parenthood 

Creating Policy to Stymie 1033 with Rikkia Ramsey 


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