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We know that when women are engaged in the political process and given the right tools, they can break the patriarchal way in which our society is organized and be true agents of change. WAND hosts trainings and conferences to empower women leaders and professionals with the knowledge to succeed at a high level and organizes grassroots audiences to look with a feminist and discerning eye at our country’s decision-makers.

WAND recognizes the unique role that women play in ending conflict as well as the momentum and legitimacy they lend to peacemaking. A particular focus of WAND has revolved around promoting the UN’s Women, Peace, and Security agenda within the United States. WAND is active in providing the skills, education, and opportunities that empower women to take action for global change.


We leverage the work and resources of WAND and our network of nearly 700 women state legislators and women members of Congress to advance the broad efforts of the U.S. Administration, Congress, and our international partners to ensure that women are at the tables of power where decisions are made concerning U. S. engagement on matters of peace and security.



Women Legislators' Lobby

The Women Legislators' Lobby (WiLL) is a national nonpartisan network of women state legislators who work together to influence federal policy and budget priorities.


En Voz Alta

En Voz Alta is the premier mentorship program for latinas interested in pursuing a career in peace and security.


Women, Peace, and Security Factsheet


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