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We know that when women are engaged in the political process and given the right tools, they can break the patriarchal way in which our society is organized and be true agents of change. WAND hosts trainings and conferences to empower women leaders and professionals with the knowledge to succeed at a high level and organizes grassroots audiences to look with a feminist and discerning eye at our country’s decision-makers.

WAND recognizes the unique role that women play in ending conflict as well as the momentum and legitimacy they lend to peacemaking. A particular focus of WAND has revolved around promoting the UN’s Women, Peace, and Security agenda within the United States. WAND is active in providing the skills, education, and opportunities that empower women to take action for global change.


We leverage the work and resources of WAND and our network of nearly 700 women state legislators and women members of Congress to advance the broad efforts of the U.S. Administration, Congress, and our international partners to ensure that women are at the tables of power where decisions are made concerning U. S. engagement on matters of peace and security.


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August 31, 2018

Time to Disarm the Patriarchy

by Nancy Parrish

We live in a time where the threat of nuclear war is a normal household conversation. Many live in a nation led by a man who cannot control his urge to press ‘tweet’ on every unhinged thought he dreams up each morning. And yet, he alone has the authority – the sole authority – to push the launch button on a preemptive nuclear attack, should the mood strike him.

April 17, 2018

Binder Full of Women Diplomats!

Hire Women to Fill Key Korean Diplomatic Vacancies

A negotiation with North Korea will succeed only if it draws upon the collective expertise, experience, and credibility of a fully resourced and staffed State Department. We encourage you to hire women to serve in high-level roles that will be critical to the success of any diplomatic efforts with North Korea, especially the role of Ambassador to South Korea and Special Envoy to North Korea. We have included with this letter a list of well-quali ed women for your consideration as you assemble a team of diplomats that can help achieve peace on the Korean peninsula. 

November 17, 2017

State Senator Gayle Goldin: Why Speaking Out Against Sexual Harassment Backfires for Women in Office

by WiLL State Director, Sen. Gayle Goldin (RI)

When #MeToo started filling up my Facebook feed, I wavered about whether to join in. As a Rhode Island state senator, I know I’m already judged by the clothes I wear, the tone of my voice, and whether I'm likable enough. I'm expected to be a fierce champion and a team player—all while wearing lipstick and nice shoes.

November 07, 2017

Women in Politics Discuss Online Harassment

by WiLL member Delegate Angela Angel (MD)

Anyone can be targeted by online harassment but studies reveal that violent, sexualized threats and hate speech disproportionately target women, especially in marginalized groups.  That is even more true when women are leaders and seek power.

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