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WiLL Brochure

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Digital Fundraising 101

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Meditation Guide

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WiLL Flyer

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Virtual Interview Guide

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Speechwriting Guide

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FY2021 Budget Letter

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COVID-19 Brief

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Mechanics of an Interview


No First Use Briefing 

Beyond the Bomb


Our Budget, Our Priorities


Fulfilling the Promise of Our Nation


Taking the Money from the Pentagon to the People


The Truth About Sequestration: Deficit Reduction & You



Below are resolutions and legislation that the Women Legislators' Lobby supports. If you would like to be connected to any of the sponsors, please email Samantha Blake at sblake@wand.org.

We have addition resources such as talking points and messaging guidance if you are interested in becoming a leader in your state on one of these issues. 

Legislation to curb the transfer of military gear to local police departments

1033 Resource Kit for state legislators interested in introducing legislation. 

Resolutions calling on Congress to restrict the President's authority to launch a nuclear weapon

Resolution calling on Congress to audit the Pentagon 

Resolutions urging Congress to extend and expand RECA (Radiation Exposure Compensation Act)